Best Fireproofing Contractors

Fire damage can be devastating to any commercial building, causing loss of property and even putting human lives at risk. As such, it is important for business owners to take the necessary steps to protect their buildings from the destructive effects of fire. One of the most effective ways to do this is through commercial spray fireproofing, which involves the application of a fire-resistant coating to the interior surfaces of a building. In this article, we will discuss the importance of commercial spray fireproofing contractors, their services, and how to choose the right contractor for your needs.

What are Commercial Spray Fireproofing Contractors?

Commercial spray fireproofing contractors are companies that specialize in providing fireproofing solutions for commercial buildings, structures, and facilities. They use specialized equipment and techniques to apply fire-resistant coatings or insulation to surfaces such as steel, concrete, or wood.

The primary objective of commercial spray fireproofing contractors is to prevent or slow down the spread of fire, allowing building occupants more time to escape and firefighters more time to contain and extinguish the blaze. Fireproofing contractors work in a range of commercial settings, including high-rise buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, and industrial facilities.

Fireproofing contractors may use a variety of methods and materials to protect structures from fire. One common technique is spray-applied fireproofing (SFRM), which involves spraying a wet mixture of cement, fibers, and other additives onto the surface of a building. This coating hardens and provides a layer of insulation that helps to protect the underlying structure from fire.

Another popular fireproofing technique is intumescent coating, which is a paint-like material that swells up when exposed to heat, forming a thick, protective layer over the surface it’s applied to. This coating is often used on steel structures and can provide protection for up to two hours.

Commercial spray fireproofing contractors must adhere to strict safety standards and regulations when performing fireproofing work. They must also be knowledgeable about building codes and fire safety requirements to ensure that their work meets all necessary standards.

In addition to fireproofing, some commercial spray fireproofing contractors may also offer additional services such as fire stopping, which involves sealing gaps and openings in walls and floors to prevent the spread of fire and smoke. Contractors may also provide fireproofing inspections and maintenance to ensure that fireproofing systems are up to code and functioning correctly.

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Spray Fireproofing Contractors

There are many benefits to hiring commercial spray fireproofing contractors to protect your commercial building from fire damage. First and foremost, fireproofing can improve the safety of your building by reducing the risk of fire and minimizing the potential for property damage. Additionally, fireproofing can increase the energy efficiency of your building, which can lead to lower energy costs over time. Commercial spray fireproofing can also help ensure compliance with building codes and regulations, avoiding penalties and legal issues.

Choosing the Right Commercial Spray Fireproofing Contractor

Choosing the right commercial spray fireproofing contractor is essential to ensure the success of your project. When selecting a contractor, there are several factors to consider, including qualifications and certifications, experience and reputation, cost and project timeline. Ensure the contractor has proper licensing and insurance to operate in your area. Additionally, check for their reputation and experience in the field, and make sure that they are transparent in their pricing and project timeline.

Hiring and Working with Commercial Spray Fireproofing Contractors

Once you have selected a commercial spray fireproofing contractor, the next step is to prepare for the project. It is important to communicate your needs and expectations with the contractor, including the scope of work, project timeline, and budget. Before the project begins, ensure the site is ready, with access to necessary utilities and clear areas. During the project, the contractor should provide regular updates and communication to keep you informed of the progress.

Commercial spray fireproofing contractors play a critical role in protecting commercial buildings from fire damage. Their expertise and services can help reduce the risk of fire, minimize the potential for property damage, and ensure compliance with building codes and regulations. When selecting a contractor, ensure they are properly licensed, experienced, and transparent in their pricing and project timeline. With the right commercial spray fireproofing contractor, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your business is protected from the devastating effects of fire.

Fireproofing Equipment

At PDQuipment we have been supplying fireproofing contractors with equipment, parts, hoses, tarps, tools, and technical support for over 20 years. Find anything you would need on our site with an easy payment system for an easy purchase.


Best Fireproofing Contractors

Fireproofing is an essential component of any building, whether it’s residential or commercial. It’s the process of making a structure resistant to fire, which is crucial in protecting people’s lives and properties. However, fireproofing is not something you can do on your own, and you need to hire professionals to ensure the job is done correctly.  In this article, we’ll discuss how to find the best fireproofing contractors to protect your building from fire.

Researching Fireproofing Contractors

The first step in finding the best fireproofing contractor is to research your options. There are several ways you can do this:

Getting recommendations: Ask friends, family, and colleagues for referrals. They might have hired fireproofing contractors in the past and can recommend a reputable and reliable one.

Searching online for reviews and ratings: Check online directories and forums to find reviews and ratings of fireproofing contractors. You can also check their websites and social media pages to see their work history and customer feedback.

Checking with local building authorities and trade associations: Building authorities and trade associations often have lists of licensed and certified fireproofing contractors in your area. These contractors are vetted by the authorities and associations, making them a reliable option.

Reviewing Contractor Credentials

Once you have a list of potential contractors, it’s time to review their credentials. You want to make sure they have the necessary licenses and certifications to do the job. Additionally, you should verify their insurance coverage and confirm their experience and expertise in fireproofing. Don’t hesitate to ask for references or examples of past work.

Comparing and Evaluating Fireproofing Contractors

Fireproofing contractors play a crucial role in ensuring the safety of buildings and their occupants in case of a fire. However, not all fireproofing contractors are created equal, and it is essential to compare and evaluate them before hiring one. In this article, we will discuss the factors to consider when comparing and evaluating fireproofing contractors.

Reputation: A contractor’s reputation is an essential factor to consider. You can check online reviews, testimonials, and references from past clients to get an idea of their reputation. A contractor with a good reputation is likely to provide quality work and meet your expectations.

Experience: The experience of the contractor is another crucial factor to consider. Ask the contractor about their experience in fireproofing, and request to see their portfolio of completed projects. A contractor with extensive experience is likely to have worked on various projects and have the necessary skills to handle your project.

Expertise: Fireproofing is a specialized field that requires expertise and knowledge. You should ask the contractor about their expertise in fireproofing and the types of fireproofing methods they specialize in. A contractor with expertise in your particular type of building or structure is likely to provide better results.

Insurance and licensing: You should ensure that the contractor has the necessary licenses and insurance to work on your project. Licensing ensures that the contractor has met the necessary requirements to work on fireproofing projects, while insurance covers any damages or injuries that may occur during the project.

Cost: The cost of the project is an essential factor to consider. You should request quotes from different contractors and compare their prices. However, you should not choose a contractor solely based on cost but also consider the quality of work and their reputation.

Communication: Communication is crucial when working with a contractor. You should choose a contractor who communicates effectively and promptly. A contractor who is responsive and keeps you informed about the progress of the project is likely to provide a better experience.

Making the Final Decision

After you’ve assessed all potential contractors, it’s time to make a final decision. Check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure there are no complaints against the contractor. Ask for a written contract that outlines the scope of work and materials used. Negotiate the terms and conditions and sign the contract. Finally, schedule the start of the project.

Finding the best fireproofing contractor for your building requires thorough research and assessment. Start by getting recommendations and checking for licenses and certifications. Review their proposals, pricing, and references, and make sure you have a written contract outlining the scope of work and materials used. Remember, fireproofing is an essential part of building safety, and finding the right contractor can make all the difference.

Fireproofing Equipment

At PDQuipment we have been supplying fireproofing contractors with equipment, parts, hoses, tarps, tools, and technical support for over 20 years. Find anything you would need on our site with an easy payment system for an easy purchase.

Pool building equipment

With over 20 years in the business, we know that pool building requires numerous pieces of equipment, parts and tools to complete every job. From hoses to tarp covers, it’s important for contractors to have access to reliable equipment that works in all conditions. Technical support on all that equipment can also be a key factor when constructing a pool.

At PDQuipment, you will find all the high-quality pool building equipment for rent or new and used options for sale from trusted brands. All of our products are designed to withstand the rigors of professional use and come with full manufacturer warranties for extra peace of mind.

Let’s go over some of the tools you might need:


Pool excavation requires specialized equipment to ensure an efficient, safe and accurate work process. This includes large and small excavators and mud buggies. If PDQuipment does not have the exact excavator you are looking for, ask about our waiting list to be the first to know when we get it in.


When it comes to pool installation, plumbing is an integral part of the process. For new aboveground or inground pools, there are several elements that must be connected to the plumbing system in order for the pool to function properly. This includes connecting the main drain line from the pump to the skimmer and then out to the return lines and filter system. Any additional features such as automatic cleaners may also need to be plumbed into the system. It is important that all of these connections are made securely and with appropriate materials so that water can flow through without leaking or causing any other problems with your pool setup.


Concrete mixers and pumps are designed to make the job of installing a pool easier and more efficient. With concrete mixers, you can mix your own concrete in bulk with minimal effort and no mess. Pumping equipment is also used to transport large amounts of concrete from one point to another quickly and easily. Both tools help reduce labor costs and time on a project, making it possible for a pool or other structure to be completed faster.

When selecting the right type of mixer or pump for your project, it is important to consider factors such as your budget, space requirements, what material will be mixed, and the size of the project. A variety of machines are available that can suit any kind of job. Different types of machinery are designed to handle different types of materials, so it is important to do your research before making a purchase. Additionally, PDQuipment offers technical support so you can make sure you know how to use your rented or newly purchased equipment properly.

Having the right concrete mixers and pumps for pool installation ensures that you will be able to complete your project quickly and effectively without compromising quality or safety. With these pieces of equipment at your disposal, you can experience greater efficiency in completing your projects and creating a beautiful outdoor swimming area for your clients to enjoy.

Hoses & Tarps

You can also rent/buy various hoses tarps in various sizes and thicknesses so you can cover your work area properly and keep the elements out. All of our tarps are lightweight and durable so they can protect your pool construction project without becoming too cumbersome.

Our knowledgeable staff is always available to answer any questions you may have and provide technical support if needed. Our team has decades of combined experience in the pool building industry and is more than happy to help you troubleshoot an issue or make suggestions for improvement on your current project.  With us, you can be sure that you’ll have all the proper materials and tools for a successful pool build.


Fireproofing Pumps

In today’s competitive market, fireproofing contractors need to find ways to differentiate themselves in order to stay competitive and successful. One way they can do this is by investing in innovative fireproofing pumps that are designed specifically for the fireproofing industry. Fireproofing pumps come with a variety of features designed to make them more efficient and effective. By investing in fireproofing pumps, you can increase the speed and quality of your work while also reducing labor costs.

Recent advances in fireproofing sprayers have made them more effective and efficient than ever before. The latest models feature high-volume pumps that offer maximum coverage with minimal effort, along with precise temperature control and even atomization of the product for greater reach.

Newer pumps also come equipped with safety features such as automatic shutoff systems and pressure sensors to ensure maximum protection while minimizing risk.

Modern fireproofing sprayers also boast improved insulation and better overall durability, making them ideal for any situation where heat or flame is a factor. By using the most cutting-edge technology available, these innovative machines are providing superior results in terms of fire prevention and protection. As such, they are an essential tool for anyone looking to keep their property safe from the dangers of fire.

Fireproofing pumps vary widely in design and capabilities depending on the manufacturer, so it’s important for contractors to take time researching what pump will best suit their needs before making a purchase. The most popular types of fire proofing pumps are: commercial grade, residential grade, and industrial grade.

Commercial grade pumps are designed for larger projects like fireproofing high rise buildings or other large structures.

Residential grade pumps are ideal for smaller scale projects such as fireproofing basements and attics.

Industrial grade pumps are best suited for heavy-duty applications like fireproofing factories and warehouses.

It’s important to choose the right pump for your needs as they can be expensive investments. Look for features such as stainless steel construction, adjustable temperature control valves, and a variety of nozzle sizes that will allow you to customize your work according to the project needs. Also look at maintenance costs associated with the pump before making your purchase decision. Make sure that the pump comes with a warranty and that regular maintenance is included in the cost of the pump.

In addition to buying fireproofing pumps, contractors should also invest in safety features such as flame resistant hoses and nozzle guards. These items can help reduce the risk of injury while working on hazardous jobs. By investing in innovative fireproofing pumps and other safety gear, contractors can ensure their business runs safely and efficiently for years to come.

By following these steps and getting the right equipment from PDQuipment, fireproofing contractors can be confident that they are giving their customers the best possible services at a competitive price. Investing in innovative fireproofing pumps is an excellent way to increase your efficiency and quality of work while lowering labor costs over time.

PDQuipment offers sales of new and used fireproofing equipment, or equipment can be rented if that is more appropriate for you. Contact us today to see what we can do to help you take your fireproofing business to the next level.

Big Rig Gas Hydraulic Sprayer

The Graco Big Rig Gas Hydraulic Sprayer has many state of the art features that make it the top choice for professionals.

The Graco Big Rig Gas Hydraulic Sprayer is a high-performance, versatile machine that can handle any number of different spraying applications. It is perfect for use in a wide variety of industries, including construction, agriculture, automotive and more. The Big Rig Gas Hydraulic Sprayer is equipped with an exclusive QuikChange Lower, which makes it easy to customize the machine for each specific job. It also features a durable hydraulic cooling system and a high capacity pump that are designed for long-term use.

Benefits of Graco Big Rig Gas Hydraulic Sprayer

It is equipped with an exclusive QuikChange Lower, which allows the user to easily customize the sprayer for each coating. This feature eliminates the need to purchase additional rigs.

The Big Rig also has a Heavy-Duty Graco Hydraulic System that is faster and more responsive than other changeovers on the market.

Additionally, it comes with a Honda Power engine that delivers maximum performance, making it perfect for even the most challenging projects.

A Heavy Duty Cooling System ensures that the Big Rig can handle even the most demanding jobs, while an Xtreme Pump provides the power and durability that professionals need.

The Heavy Duty Hydraulic System is perfect for any challenging project, while the Xtreme Pump provides the power and durability that professionals need.

The Graco Big Rig Gas Hydraulic Sprayer is the perfect choice for any professional who needs maximum performance and unmatched versatility.

Graco Big Rig Gas Hydraulic Sprayer buying guide

When it comes to choosing a gas hydraulic sprayer, there are a few things you need to consider in order to make sure you’re getting the best possible product for your needs. Here are some tips to help you choose the right gas hydraulic sprayer for your needs:

1. First and foremost, you need to decide what kind of project you’ll be using the sprayer for. Whether you’re looking to use it for commercial or industrial purposes, or simply need something for around the home, this will help narrow down your choices and ensure you get the right product.

2. Once you know what kind of project you’ll be undertaking, take a look at the different features each type of sprayer offers. Some models may be better suited for certain tasks than others, so it’s important to find one that has the specific features you need.

3. Another important consideration is the size of the project you’ll be working on. If you’re only going to be using the sprayer for small projects, then a handheld model might be all you need. However, if you’re planning on tackling larger jobs, then a backpack or trolley model would be a better option.

4. When it comes to price, gas hydraulic sprayers can range from relatively inexpensive to quite expensive, depending on the features and size of the unit. As with anything else, it’s important to set a budget before shopping so that you don’t overspend on something you may not need.

5. Finally, take some time to read online reviews of gas hydraulic sprayers before making your final decision. This will give you a good idea of what other users think of the different models on the market, and help you choose the one that’s right for you.

The most powerful hydraulic sprayer in the industry. For 30 years, contractors have turned to the GH line of gas hydraulic sprayers when they needed maximum performance and unmatched versatility. The tradition continues with the all-new line of GH Big Rig sprayers. Equipped with exclusive QuikChange Lowers, each Big Rig sprayer can easily be customized for each coating, eliminating the need to purchase additional rigs.

Finally, the large diameter siphon hose makes it easy to clean and maintain, making it a top choice for those who want a powerful and versatile sprayer.

Benefits of a Gas Hydraulic Sprayer

There are many benefits of choosing a gas hydraulic sprayer over an airless or traditional pump sprayer. Some of these benefits include:

Benefits of Graco Big Rig Gas Hydraulic Sprayer

  • Higher flow rates for faster coverage
  • Work faster and with less effort
  • Quieter operation
  • No need for an expensive air compressor
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Ideal for a variety of applications, from high pressure for long hose runs to hard-to-atomize materials.
NEW Alum Injection Fireproofing Pump | PDQuipment

In terms of commercial construction projects, the issue of fireproofing is critical. One way a company will apply fireproofing material is by injecting it. In order to accomplish this feat correctly, you need the assistance of an alum injection pump. These pumps allow the contractor to apply in-line or alum materials to structures while saving time and correctly applying the mixture. Consider this alum injection fireproofing pump buying guide to help you determine if purchasing a pump is a good investment and how to get a great product. Let the experts at PDQuipment provide you with high-quality products for your project needs.

Alum Injection Fireproofing Pump Buying Guide

There are a few things to consider when buying an alum injection fireproofing system. First, you’ll want to choose a reputable product that has been tested and approved by contractors over the years and shown to provide smooth performance. It’s common to select a system that underperforms and fails to apply the material correctly. These are usually the lowest-priced options. If the system doesn’t correctly use the material, it will need to be removed, wasting time and money.

Features of the Alum Injection Pumps

These pumps have a supply tank of approximately 50 gallons and are metered to apply the layer according to the manufacturer’s specifications. The mixture is pressurized and then forced through the hose or material line. It’s sprayed through a one-way valve, so it doesn’t seep into the unused materials in the pump. The person applying the material can easily adjust the amount being dispersed from the pump.

One facet of the pump selection process is convenience and portability. If you have a large job, you’ll want a larger pump to keep up with the volume of work. If you don’t have a large enough pump, you’ll lose valuable time, and the pump will likely wear out faster.

You’ll also want to consider the scope of the job or jobs in question. The height and distance of the project come into play when making your selection. Make sure you also choose the pump that is designed for the specific material you are spraying. Make sure your pump also has a good power supply source on site. In other words, make sure you’ll be able to power the pump on the project without running a generator or having a direct power supply.


The advantages of alum injection fireproofing pumps are many. They allow you to provide a barrier of safety from fire for new construction and remodeled areas of a structure. When you invest in a pump, you’ll be able to get more bids and offer your clients more options. This feature is essential for companies and contractors providing a wide range of services to clients.

Get Your Parts From a Reputable Source

You’ll not only need your alum injection pump, but you’ll also need a reliable source for all of the parts and equipment pieces necessary to use the alum injection fireproofing pump. Some parts required can include the following.

  • PSI check valve
  • T-line strainer
  • Shut off valve
  • In-line injection module
  • Plumbing assembly
  • Hose couplings
  • Diaphragm

Having quick access from your retailer is essential to ensure you get the right parts for the job in a short time. When you work with the experts at PDQuipment, they’ll ensure you get the right parts for your injector to ensure your business flow is smooth and you’re not stuck waiting for essential pieces to arrive for projects. Reliable service and equipment are important for anyone with construction projects in the works.

A Quality Investment

If you’re currently offering fireproof for new construction or remodeling projects, you’ll need to have the right equipment on hand. Investing in alum injection pumps is a sound investment that ensures you get more jobs. This type of equipment is essential for staying competitive in the construction and remodeling industry. Consider the information in this alum injection fireproofing pump buying guide to help you make the right decision. If you need more assistance, you can contact the experts PDQuipment to ensure you get the right products for your projects. Check out the website today to see all of their products and options for alum injection fireproofing pumps and get the best quality for the money.


Stucco & EIFS Pump

Individuals interested in purchasing either stucco or an EIFS mixer should know some in-depth details to ensure they choose the correct mixer for the job. These mixers are responsible for ensuring that the compounds or mixtures arrive at the proper consistency and provide the power and options to do the job. Keep reading to learn more about which machine is ideal for which needs and how to get the best type of machine for your needs. Check out the selection from PDQuipment to find out more and see their wide range of options.

What is EIFS?

EIFS is thermal insulation mixed and then applied to the exterior of a building. It also offers a decorative quality and protects the structure. It’s also ideal for waterproofing when used with other materials. EIFS is also used extensively to create a barrier to making homes and businesses more energy efficient. To correctly mix and apply this material, you need a mixer designed to provide the proper turbulence and consistency.

What is Stucco?

Stucco is an exterior application material made from water, binders, and aggregates. It’s similar to concrete but uses different materials and has an attractive aesthetic appearance. One distinct difference in the mixture is the addition of lime. This highly porous substance allows for airflow and moisture evaporation. The outer layer is relatively thin and makes a good home coating to create a unique and durable finish. The standard application thickness is approximately one inch.

Choosing a Stucco or EIFS Mixer

A few types of mixers are available for sale by the most reputable construction materials retailers. The most common is EIFS mixers or stucco mixers. There are a few notable differences to consider to ensure you make the right choice for your construction project’s needs. One aspect to consider is the brand offerings. The best choice is usually the most highly rated or popular in the market. It’s usually an option with a good warranty and a few standout features.

Consider the advantages of stucco and EIFS mixers. One particular feature is the range of mixing speed options and attachments. When you’re on the job site, you want to ensure you have a few speed options to help you get the right consistency. You also need mixer attachments that can adequately blend the materials and keep them constantly agitated to prevent the setting and ensure you get rid of all the lumps in the materials.

Before choosing a brand, it’s a good idea to compare those findings with your budget and learn more about the advantages of stucco and EIFS mixers. It’s essential to remember that making a good choice by selecting a durable and reliable mixer rather than the lowest price will ensure you don’t have to purchase another for some time.


There are some differences to know about when it comes to the motor: the advantages of stucco and EIFS mixers for sale. There are some which feature a mechanical drive. These machines are ideal for those who want the most power for the job. They offer an effortless design and portability.

The electric type is best for smaller loads where you don’t need much machine portability. These mixers offer the best value and are ideal for private jobs.

The mechanical gearbox drive erosion has a drive-system preference and delivers plenty of horsepowers to get the job done. This version doesn’t require shaft maintenance or greasing.

Finally, the hydraulic mixer is spring-loaded and doesn’t require much maintenance. There’s no greasing necessary, and the engine is designed for high-volume use.

Benefits of Stucco and EIFS Mixers

The advantages of stucco mixers and EIFS mixers are that they allow you to continuously mix your materials to ensure you get a smooth mix and the mixture doesn’t set too quickly. Many versions are portable except the electric, allowing you to easily move the mixture from one spot to another while keeping the consistency ideal.

If you’re planning on undertaking any new stucco or EIFS projects, be it private or for contracted jobs, you’ll want to invest in the best machines to get the job done. Check out the wide range of options that PDQuipment offers today and get the highest quality products from a reputable company with plenty of products and top customer service. Check out the website today to see their wide assortment of mixers.

Portamix Mega Hippo

When you are laying a floor, you surely want the process to be less time-consuming and labor intensive. And you’ll definitely want to ensure less waste.

The answer to all of these considerations is the Portamix Hippo mixer.

Just one look at the specs and reports on this tool will tell you that it has been designed to offer solutions to every aspect of the process of laying a floor. The aim of the tool is to mix and pour a flooring compound consistently. And to produce a floor of the highest quality.

Ease of operation

The Portamix Mega Hippo is a very efficient tool that is designed to mix, transport and pour any flooring compound. It can be operated easily by one person. This means, when you buy one, you will not have any more need for teams working hard at mixing, transporting and pouring the flooring compound. With the Portamix Mega Hippo, one person can handle and do all three things.

The Portamix Mega Hippo is so efficiently designed and constructed that the person operating it can mix up to 6 bags of compound. They can then use the tool to move what may be up to 440 lbs (200kg) of mix to the correct position. Finally, they can pour and spread the compound where necessary.

Efficiency of design and construction

Every aspect of the Portamix Mega Hippo has been designed and constructed for efficiency.

It is very maneuverable and has a good functional layout. The design and efficiency of the trolley and cradle let you pour and spread the compound simultaneously. This means no multi-stage pours, which then means time saved.

Buying a Portamix Hippo will save you money in the long term and make it a worthwhile investment.

The helix in the Hippo is designed to mix the compound very smoothly, while using a low RPM. This reduces strain on the motor, which means a longer life. The compound is mixed and blended thoroughly, with little or no mess. There will thus be far less waste of material.

Because every feature is so well designed, the Hippo will reduce labor costs. It also ensures that the work is less strenuous. A single worker can keep working for longer, meaning less down time.

When working with flooring compounds, dust is always a problem. There is a dust extraction port on the Portamix Mega Hippo, which reduces this hazard when it is operating.

Other advantages

Some of the other advantages to take note of when buying a Portamix Mega Hippo are:

  • You can mix a wide range of compounds in the Hippo, including cement screeds, overlay, epoxies, sealants, resin and grouts.
  • When you are working on technical flooring, this is an essential tool to use.
  • It is easy to clean the Hippo, no matter what compound has been used.
  • This tool will change profit margins and the quality of the finished floor.
  • Every aspect is of such quality that the unit will withstand the environment of a construction site.

Some specific specs

The Portamix Mega Hippo has a bowl with a capacity of 22.5 gallons/352 lbs (85 liters/160 kg) when the water and compound are mixed together.

The motor is 2 speeds and is RCD protected, which will protect against any risk of electricity malfunction.

The unit weighs only 15 lbs (6.9 kgs), which is very light to manage.


When you go about buying a Portamix Mega Hippo, there is plenty of support available. You can download the Brochure and the User Manual.

The Brochure presents all the elements of the tool, as well as details about how to use it and what features should be applied when.

The User Manual gives details of all aspects of the unit and of any possible precautions to be taken when using it. How the Hippo functions is clearly outlined and you are given some hints to take note of when you use it to lay flooring. These include the recommendation that the dry ingredients must be added slowly. You are also reminded to follow instructions carefully and make sure to keep the helix totally under the water.

How to buy the Portamix Mega Hippo

If you have any thoughts about buying a Portamix Mega Hippo, then contact PDQquipment.

At PDQ, for any requirement in the building industry, You Need It, We Get It.