Imer Step Up 120

All in one pump

The IMER Step Up 120 Pump – With its own built in vertical shaft mixer above the pump hopper, control of what and how much you mix is up to you. The compact design of the Step up 120 and its all electric power allow it to operate in space challenged environments often encountered in old buildings being structurally repaired.  This makes it the perfect pump for filling overhead repair forms in existing buildings where access and space are an issue.

  • Look at these features
    • Integrated power panel runs mixer, pump, air compressor.
    • Built  in 3.2 CF vertical shaft mixer drops directly into hopper
    • Pumps up to 200 feet with 35mm (1 3/8″) hose
    • Pumps 3/8″ aggregate with 50mm (2″) hose)
    • Pump up to 400 gallons per hour (2 Cubic Yards)
    • Built in air compressor for spraying
    • Torsion bar axle for safe smooth towing

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