Kaeser Mobilair™ M27PE

92 cfm Portable Mobilair Compressor

Kaeser’s M27PE portable rotary screw compressor is more than capable of powering breakers, drills, grinders, impact wrenches and even impact borers. As part of the Mobilair family of portable air compressors, these units are designed to pack the most efficiency possible into a compact, rugged design.

The M27PE features Kaeser’s larger, slower turning Sigma Profile™ airend for longer life and better efficiency with 10-20% more air per gallon of fuel than our competition. This unit is the perfect alternative to the 185 cfm unit for jobs needing a single-tool solution that is smaller, more affordable, and cost less to own and operate.

This popular model delivers 92 cfm at 100 psig and comes standard with a 21 hp Kubota diesel engine. The M27PE’s rotomolded poly-ethylene canopy is scratch and dent resistant to stand up to the harshest environments. Its double-walled design provides excellent strength and significant noise reduction. This model also is available as a skid-mounted utility model for cross mounting on service vehicles.

Kaeser Mobilair™ M27 Utility


The Mobilair™ M27 Utility rotary screw compressor is designed for transverse mounting on service vehicles. It delivers 92 cfm at 100 psig and is deal for a wide range of applications including sand/shot blasting, demolition, fence post driving, irrigation system maintenance and monument engraving.

Efficient and Reliable

A heavy-duty 3-cylinder kubota diesel engine direct coupled to our energy saving Sigma Profile airend produces more air per gallon of fuel. the high capacity cold start battery ensures reliable operation even under extreme conditions. The M27 Utility’s rugged, powder-coated steel cabinet is mounted on a galvanized frame and built to protect the machine from dirt, water and other contaminants. The engine and the compressor have separate inlet filters with maintenance indicators. This protection, combined with a high efficiency cooling system, allows the unit to operate in ambient temeratures up to 113ºF.


The M27 Utility is very compact. It has both long and short side forklift slots as well as a single-point lifting hook for easy mounting/dismounting. The two 3/4″ hose connections and controls are curbside for safety. The instrument panel features a full range of indicators, including hour meter, air pressure, fuel, and discharge temperature gauges. The canopy provides full access to the tool box and maintenance points. Sound and vibration isolation ensure smooth, quiet running for work crews and neighbors. Another important feature is the large 10.6 gallon fuel tank that provides extented operation – up to 8 full hours!

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