Marshalltown 1200 Mortar/Plaster Mixer

Smooth even mix to easily be applied.

1200MP – Gas or Electric Aviable

  • 1200MP has a 4/2 paddle system – includes 4 drum scrapers and 2 end scrapers on opposed mixing arms for thorough mixing and less drum clean-up
  • Aggressive mixing system with adjustable steel and rubber blades for a smooth, even mix
  • Square shaft paddle design for less slipping and better efficiency
  • Double belt drive to chain and sprocket pulleys
  • Heavy steel drum grill with bag splitter
  • Large drum capacity – perfect for jobs of any size
  • Standardized pillow block and flange mount drum bearings are easier to maintain
  • Side and rear forklift pockets allow added mobility options
  • Short spout lip at a sharp dump angle permits good material flow while dumping
  • Additional holes in the grill hinges lock the grill in the open position during cleanout
  • High speed tow kit comes standard with 25” tires
  • Discharge height of 24” (610mm)
  • 30 RPM paddle rotation

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