Imer Silent 300 Prestige

Mortar Pump

Imer Silent 300 Prestige

High Performance Screw and Stator Pump
Finally a high performance screw and stator pump that does it all! The Silent 300 can mix up 6 cu. ft. of material, while the hopper supplies the pump the previous batch of material. That’s right – mix and pump at the same time! If the application requires spraying, no problem, just fire up the on board compressor. And to top it all off, clean up has never been easier as the Silent 300 comes with its own pressure washing system. Mix, pump, apply, clean up, and go! Modern Technology and Old School Quality at its finest.

For mixing, pumping and spraying of mortars in bags or from silo: premixed materials, cement or gypsum based premixed materials, fireproofing, grouts, epoxies, selfleveling underlayments or repair mortars.

The quietized diesel motor is a 3 cylinder, liquid cooled, industrial duty Lombardini.

The control panel includes a specially built computer which balances the supply of material with the rate of application. This feature reduces clogging
significantly. The hydraulic drive horizontal shaft mixer is virtually maintenance free – just keep it clean. And that’s a no brainer as a pressure washer is built into the system.

The Silent 300 Prestige features torsion bar suspension which has both compression and rebound dampening… this allows the unit to glidedown the road. It’s so smooth you just might forget it’s back there. The tow package of the Silent 300 Prestige is as complete and well designed as the rest of the machine.

The tow bar pivots in order to line up properly with the hitch point,whether its being towed by an SUV or a dump truck. The steel and other tow bar components are top notch, tow the Silent 300 Prestige to the jobsite with complete confidence. When towing, the stabilization stand cranks up out of the way. When you arrive at the jobsite, lower the jack stand and you have a safe and stable work platform..

Jobsite Setup
Set-up is a breeze, as the Silent 300 is compact, well balanced, and has drop down stability legs.

Ease of Maintenance
Access to the engine and hydraulics is quite good. The entire canopy raises up assisted by gas pressurized struts. Maintenance checks are quick and easy!

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