There are specific tools and materials that any  Fireproofing Contractors for Commercial Builders cannot function without using them. In this article, we explore some; and highlight the pros and cons of others. But before we can dive in, let’s answer this question: is it important to use fireproofing materials? The answer is a big YES. As […]

concrete mixer

Investing in a concrete mixer can boost your construction business efficiency. Remember, concrete is a must-have in building and renovation projects, whether you are constructing a basement or a driveway. Essentially,  a concrete mixer mixes water, cement, and aggregate that form concrete for construction work. For large construction, mixers provide an efficient alternative to manual […]

new location

Leading USA-based construction supply company, PDQuipment, announces the opening of a new location in Houston Texas to meet the equipment needs of customers in and around the area. For more than two decades, PDQuipment has been delivering an amazing experience to customers in the United States and other parts of the world. PDQuipment is not […]

Fireproofing pump

How to Choose the Right Fireproofing Pump Size You’re looking for a Fireproofing Pump Selection Guide because you know that it isn’t as simple as buying one pump for every job you are going to tackle. There are small, portable pumps and large, high-pressure pumps, each for certain jobs. You need the pump that will make you the most […]