Blastcrete Mason Mate Mixer-Pump

Mixer-Pump Designed for High Rise Block Fill. Eliminates CMU Bucket Brigades

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Blastcrete Mason Mate Mixer-Pump

The Blastcrete Mason Mate is our labor-saving technology. It’s built for productivity with our D3522 hydraulic squeeze pump and our high-shear continuous mixer, plus it’s powered by a 29-horsepower Kubota water-cooled diesel engine or a 38-horsepower Kohler gasoline engine. The Blastcrete Mason Mate Mixer-Pump is designed for high-rise block fill applications. It eliminates CMU block fill bucket brigades while reducing on-the-job labor by as much as 75 percent. The unit is designed to fit within a freight elevator or can be placed with a telescoping forklift or crane. We designed it to reduce dust, increase material placement time, and maximize your profitability.


  • High-rise block fill
  • Concrete repair
  • Underground shotcrete for mining
  • Underground shotcrete for tunneling
  • Geothermal grouting
  • ⅜-inch (10-mm) aggregate shotcrete
  • Wet shotcrete
  • Small slabs
  • Slab jacking

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