Cool Machines CoolVac-16

Effective and designed to handle larger cleanup jobs, built for daily use.

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Cool Machines CV-16

The demand for retrofit is increasing. Traditionally, insulation companies needed vacuums to remove fire-damaged, moldy insulation. Various contractors including pest-control, HVAC and even fire departments are using vacuums to extract old, damaged insulating material. The HVAC industry uses vacuums for cleaning duct work.

Contractors need a versatile, portable solution to remove insulation, quickly, efficiently and cleanly. With the Cool-Vac 16, you are able to remove insulation from attics, sidewalls and crawl spaces.

Damaged insulation material (fire, smoke and water) is heavy and requires an industrial solution to remove the heavy material.

With the Cool-Vac16, you are able to vacuum heavy, damp material into 75 cu. ft. disposable bags or directly into a truck or dumpster.

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