Portamix Pelican Cart

The Pelican transport cart perfectly compliments the Mega Hippo for exceptional efficiency.

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Portamix Pelican Cart

The pelican is the smaller and more affordable cousin of the hippo.

Taking you to the next level of performance, The ultimate transport cart compliments the Portamix Mega Hippo. Keep the Mega Hippo mixing, and pour into the Pelican and transport to the work zone. If you want to move it and pour it — meet the Pelican! Like the Mega Hippo, the Pelican has a well-balanced design that allows one person to transport and pour with ease and precision.

A hand mixer can be mounted on the Pelican by a motor mount accessory or it can be held by an operator. You can use a mixer you already own, making the Pelican a very cost–effective option for contractors wanting to increase productivity. It’s a great stepping stone to the Hippo, and when you need to upgrade, you’ll find the Pelican stays handy as a perfect companion to its cousin for big projects.

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