Makinex Generator 16kW 240V

Compact lightweight

PD Quipment

Makinex Power Is Compact, Lightweight, And Quiet

The Makinex Generator Range is a robust, powerful, and reliable solution for providing power to equipment and tools,  floor grinding, welders and brick saws., air compressors, and a wide range of applications.

They are suitable for use in rental yards, construction sites, and rural areas, and offer a compact lightweight option when moving the Generators around on building sites as well as on and off vehicles

Reasons To Invest

  • We have the most compact dual-phase Generator range in the market
  • Our alternator allows you 11% more power from the engine
  • We can boast that it is fully Australian designed and made
  • We offer a 1-year warranty
  • We provide you with the support you need, servicing, spare parts, on hand advice
  • Our permanent magnet alternator technology reduces the cost of ownership.

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