Graco ToughTek S340e

Electric Stucco Pump

GRACO Toughtek F340e

Graco ToughTek S340e Electric Stucco Pump

  • Engineered with Graco’s proprietary piston pump technology, the ToughTek S340e can easily handle repair mortars with small to medium sized aggregate. The S340e can also deliver all materials through long hose lengths, allowing you to spray farther distances and get the job done sooner.

    Portable electric pump for stucco and EIFS applications

    • Easily handles stucco and EIFS materials – base coats to finish coats, even air / water-resistive barrier materials
    • Electric operation – plugs into a standard 120V wall outlet
    • Extremely easy to operate
    • Compact design – fits in tight areas
    • Lightweight – easily lifted by two people
    • Easy to transport – fits in the back of a pickup
    • Fast and easy maintenance

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