Imer Koine 4

Mixing Pump

Stucco & EIFS Pump

Multiple APPLICATIONS For the continuous mixing, spraying and pumping of pre-blended cementitious and gypsum based mortars, stucco, fireproofing, self-leveling underlayments and grouts.

  • Mixing chamber access is quick and easy. Clean up at the days end is simple.
  • Continuous operation means that production is very efficient and effective. Run fast… run hard!
  • Onboard dual diaphragm compressor delivers a constant flow of air for spray applications.
  • Use the standard water booster pump to quickly and easily flush out the material hose.
  • The sophisticated inverter control panel monitors the incoming electricity and the output power to the motors. The LED display lets you know how the pump is running and reports any problems.

Standard Equipment

  • Continuous mixer
  • D8 1.5 stator and rotor
  • Material delivery pressure gauge
  • Control panel with exclusive IMER 4 speed inverter
  • The continuous feed impeller blade makes sure that materials are broken up and ready to be mixed. While the angle of the delivery chute keeps material flowing into the mixer very efficiently
  • Self-priming water booster pump
  • Water system with flow meter and NOFREEZE discharge valve
  • 66’ of electric cord
  • 66’ of water hose Ø 19 mm (3/4”) 3 50’ of air hose Ø 13 mm (9/16”) 3 50’ of material hose Ø 25 mm (1”)
  • Spray gun with nozzles
  • Hose cleaning kit with toolbox
  • Mixing chamber clean out tool
  • Remote pneumatic control via the air hose
  • Single-phase 3 HP motor with a gearbox drive reduction system, very powerful with no maintenance
  • Handles for transport, roll it aound the jobsite
  • Convenient tool box stores your gun, tips wrenches and cleaning tools
  • Smart control panel inverter will alert you to some common problems such as insufficient water, material blockage or power supply issues
  • 4 speed material flow rate delivers 34, 45, 53 or 60 cubic feet per hour or 2 qty, 50 lb bags of grout per minute

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