Toro MMX-850E-S UltraMix Mortar Mixer

8 cubic foot – 2hp

Toro 850E Electric Mixer

THE TORO® ULTRAMIX MORTAR MIXER is the ultimate in mixing performance. Together, the symmetrical drum design and patented paddle configuration provide more paddle and drum contact with the mortar for a faster, more blended mix. A smooth mixture with more entrained air extends board life and is easy to work with to keep masons extremely productive. In addition to elite performance, the UltraMix mortar mixer has an extremely durable design with heavy-duty construction, reinforced paddle rubber and high strength steel for extended mixer life. The 6 and 8-cubic foot mixers offer the best speed and mixing consistency on the market – perfect for busy concrete and masonry contractors.

  • 8 cubic-foot batch capacity for medium to large jobsites
  • Patented paddle design moves mix horizontally, as well as in a circular motion, to create a smoother mix with greater efficiency
  • 2 HP Electric Motor
  • Symmetrical drum design eliminates dead zone and increases mortar to drum contact


Patented paddle design moves mix back and forth horizontally as well as in the circular motion, to create a smoother mixture for greater efficiency. • Symmetrical drum design eliminates dead zone and increases mortar to drum contact for a thorough, smooth mix.

Superior Design

The engine cab features an open design to allow the operator easy access to start the engine without the need to lift the hood. The diamond shaped cowl provides better air flow to cool the engine during use. • Sealing system designed with two separate grease chambers to prevent contamination from debris. Includes a lifetime warranty.

Heavy-Duty Construction

High strength steel offers enhanced durability to extend mixer life. • Strengthened paddle rubber with two layers of fabric woven into rubber is strong, minimizes tearing and extends paddle life to reduce replacement maintenance. • Solid steel dump handle provides maximum strength when pouring mortar mixture. • Raised tow pole hole offers greater leverage to make for easier lifting, moving and trailering mixer.

Lifetime Warranty

If the bearing(s) or seal(s) on your mixer fail, they will be replaced under warranty, at no cost for parts or labor. See the warranty statement for full details.

Patented Paddle Design

Optimized paddle configuration is extremely efficient and increases paddle to mortar contact for smoother mix and extremely efficient mixing.

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