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Second hand scissor lifts Buying guide

If you are in the market to purchase a used scissor lift online, this buying guide should be able to provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision to get exactly what you want and need.

Buying a used scissor lift online is not always easy since you can not test out the product before purchasing. Read on for the information you need to assist you in your quest for buying a used scissor lift online.

Get Input Before Purchasing a Scissor Lift

Whether you have purchased a scissor lift before or whether or not you are a scissor lift operator, you will need the input from a person who operates one on a regular basis so that you understand exactly what you need to know before you make your purchase.

Input from a scissor lift operator is invaluable to company leaders and to others when they are tasked with buying a new or used scissor lift, but it is even more important when you’re purchasing a used one. The assessments and recommendations of a regular scissor lift operator are invaluable when it comes to helping you decide which scissor lift to purchase and the questions that need to be asked before you buy one.

This input includes:

  • find out what the daily operational requirements are for the scissor lift operator. They are your best source of information on how long the lifts will be used each day, which job duties they are used for, and other key factors that need to be ascertained before a purchase is made.
  • Find out about the work environment in which the scissor lift operator will be using the lift. Keep in mind that not all scissor lifts operate properly in the same types of workspaces. For example, some scissor lifts are used for construction purposes, while others are used to conduct maintenance. It’s a good idea to have the knowledge of which type of surroundings this scissor lift you are purchasing will be used in to ensure it will function properly in that type of space and for that type of task.
  • Safety should always be of the utmost importance, so you need to ensure that the used scissor lift you purchase has quality guardrails in place, the correct safety harness is attached to it, fall protection components, and other very important features. Scissor lift employees will be able to provide you with all the information you need to know to ensure their safety since they will be the ones utilizing the equipment.

Four Questions to Ask:


There are certain questions you should ask the seller of a used scissor lift before making your purchase to ensure that the lift has been properly maintained and is the correct one for the needs of the job it will be used for after you buy it.

How has the lift been maintained?

When you ask a seller how often a used scissor lift has been maintained, they should be able to tell you that it has undergone quarterly and annual inspections and is in good working condition and has all safety features in place. You should request the most recent annual inspection report for the scissor lift to ensure that you have information with the most up-to-date details possible about its maintenance record.

What condition are the tires of the scissor lift in?

The tires of a used scissor lift are very important to note before purchasing since tires are very expensive to replace on a scissor lift. Normal wear and tear on the tires is OK but make sure the lift does not vibrate while it is moving because of portair condition. You should also check for any structural damage in the tires, such as cracks, bubbles in the side walls, or even flat spots on the tires.

Battery replacement and how have they been maintained?

Batteries of a scissor lift need to be replaced every few years and batteries that have been properly maintained will last even longer. Ask the seller how often the batteries have been charged fully, if distilled water has been added as needed, and how often has any visible corrosion or debris been cleaned from the batteries. You should also inquire if the hydrometer readings have been measured on a regular basis and if records have been retained for that and that all connections of the battery are very tight and secure. You can even ask a seller to send you photos of the batteries so that you can inspect them yourself ahead of time. Keep in mind that if a used scissor lift is priced below market value, that may very well mean that the battery or tires need to be replaced.

Are there any leaks?

There will be some amount of minor leaks or oil saturation involved with a used scissor lift, but you should definitely check to make sure there is no puddling from oil or other liquids that are part of the system for the scissor lift because a major leak around seals, hydraulic hoses, filters, cylinders, or control valves can spell major trouble when it comes to costly repairs and the issues can even be dangerous to others since it can cause overheating and a possible fire.

Buying used scissor lifts online?

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