Portamix Mega Hippo

Portamix Mega Hippo Buying guide

When you are laying a floor, you surely want the process to be less time-consuming and labor intensive. And you’ll definitely want to ensure less waste.

The answer to all of these considerations is the Portamix Hippo mixer.

Just one look at the specs and reports on this tool will tell you that it has been designed to offer solutions to every aspect of the process of laying a floor. The aim of the tool is to mix and pour a flooring compound consistently. And to produce a floor of the highest quality.

Ease of operation

The Portamix Mega Hippo is a very efficient tool that is designed to mix, transport and pour any flooring compound. It can be operated easily by one person. This means, when you buy one, you will not have any more need for teams working hard at mixing, transporting and pouring the flooring compound. With the Portamix Mega Hippo, one person can handle and do all three things.

The Portamix Mega Hippo is so efficiently designed and constructed that the person operating it can mix up to 6 bags of compound. They can then use the tool to move what may be up to 440 lbs (200kg) of mix to the correct position. Finally, they can pour and spread the compound where necessary.

Efficiency of design and construction

Every aspect of the Portamix Mega Hippo has been designed and constructed for efficiency.

It is very maneuverable and has a good functional layout. The design and efficiency of the trolley and cradle let you pour and spread the compound simultaneously. This means no multi-stage pours, which then means time saved.

Buying a Portamix Hippo will save you money in the long term and make it a worthwhile investment.

The helix in the Hippo is designed to mix the compound very smoothly, while using a low RPM. This reduces strain on the motor, which means a longer life. The compound is mixed and blended thoroughly, with little or no mess. There will thus be far less waste of material.

Because every feature is so well designed, the Hippo will reduce labor costs. It also ensures that the work is less strenuous. A single worker can keep working for longer, meaning less down time.

When working with flooring compounds, dust is always a problem. There is a dust extraction port on the Portamix Mega Hippo, which reduces this hazard when it is operating.

Other advantages

Some of the other advantages to take note of when buying a Portamix Mega Hippo are:

  • You can mix a wide range of compounds in the Hippo, including cement screeds, overlay, epoxies, sealants, resin and grouts.
  • When you are working on technical flooring, this is an essential tool to use.
  • It is easy to clean the Hippo, no matter what compound has been used.
  • This tool will change profit margins and the quality of the finished floor.
  • Every aspect is of such quality that the unit will withstand the environment of a construction site.

Some specific specs

The Portamix Mega Hippo has a bowl with a capacity of 22.5 gallons/352 lbs (85 liters/160 kg) when the water and compound are mixed together.

The motor is 2 speeds and is RCD protected, which will protect against any risk of electricity malfunction.

The unit weighs only 15 lbs (6.9 kgs), which is very light to manage.


When you go about buying a Portamix Mega Hippo, there is plenty of support available. You can download the Brochure and the User Manual.

The Brochure presents all the elements of the tool, as well as details about how to use it and what features should be applied when.

The User Manual gives details of all aspects of the unit and of any possible precautions to be taken when using it. How the Hippo functions is clearly outlined and you are given some hints to take note of when you use it to lay flooring. These include the recommendation that the dry ingredients must be added slowly. You are also reminded to follow instructions carefully and make sure to keep the helix totally under the water.

How to buy the Portamix Mega Hippo

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