Insulation Blowing equipment

Insulation Blower Buying Guide

For every insulation installation professional, an insulation blowing machine is one of the essential must-have tools. Depending on which machine you buy, buying an insulation blowing machine may range from $5,000 to $50,000. There is a wide variety of machines depending on their size and functionality. While some of these machines may be suitable for installing a specific type of insulation, others work well with all kinds. Besides buying this machine, there are also some available renting options.

However, renting may not be a cost-effective option in the long run, especially if you need to use an insulation blowing machine frequently. Given the many available varieties of these machines, buying an insulation blower can be a daunting task. This insulation blower buying guide will provide you with some tips that will make it easier to settle on an insulation blower machine suitable for your needs and cost-effective. This guide also applies to those hoping to buy insulation blowers online and not in a physical store.

Factors to Consider when Buying an Insulation Blowing Machine

It would be best if you thought through the following aspects before buying insulation blowing machine online:

  • The nature of your work will determine the most suitable machine for your work to make a sound financial investment on an insulation blower. A big gas-powered blower is unsuitable if your work specialty is on small modifications in fitted spaces, such as attics. Contrary to this, a small machine will be tedious and unprofitable when working on large areas such as multi story ceilings.
  • The worksites that you will frequently be at will dictate where you will buy a machine with a wireless remote control system or a corded remote system. It is advisable to have an alternative machine if one option is not suitable for a specific location you will be working at that time. The worksite will also determine whether you will buy a gas-powered or electric machine. You need to consider if your job location will be accessible to an electricity source. If not, you will need to invest in a generator, a suitable capacity gas-powered machine, and all the necessary tools to function.
  • Maintenance. Consider the cost of maintenance of the machine. How frequently will the machine require maintenance, and who will be tasked with that responsibility? Do you know any person near you who will service the machine competently? Are the spare parts readily available? What about how much will these parts cost you? Answering these questions will help you settle on the most suitable machine for you. You will also need to be aware of the daily maintenance routine that every insulation blower will need, including lubrication and hopper waxing.
  • The material of the machine. Constructive sites are hectic workplaces, meaning that your equipment is prone to harsh working conditions. Consider the material the machine is made from; is it waterproof? Can it endure extreme working conditions? It will determine its durability.
  • The buying cost. Purchasing an insulation blowing machine online can be a substantial financial investment. Therefore, you need to match the most suitable machine for you to your budget. In case you need a financial plan, various financing options are available in the market. PDQuipment has flexible finance options and will also link you to reputable financing companies to facilitate acquiring the most suitable machine.

PDQuipment has been a leading distributor of construction equipment from bonafide brands countrywide for over 25 years. We are a member of various construction agencies, including the National FireProofing Contractors Association, National Plasterers Council, and Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry. This means that we commit ourselves to providing you with the best quality and approved construction equipment and its parts.

Comparing Different Insulation Blowing Machines

Insulation blowing machines are categorized into three broad categories depending on their features;

Portable Electric Entry-Level Machines. Their features include:

  • Cheaper than others
  • Easily mobile
  • Compact-sized requiring little space
  • Low bag capacity
  • Suitable for 5-10 jobs in a week
  • Small hose size (3 inches)
  • Minimal hopper capacity – one bag

Mid-Level Machine. They have following features:

  • More expensive than entry-level machines
  • Either electric or gas-powered
  • Straddled on tracks or trailers
  • Medium bag capacity
  • Larger hoses (4 inches)
  • Larger hoppers capacity- 4 bags
  • Suitable for 6-10 jobs a day

High Volume Machines whose features include:

  • Most expensive
  • High bag capacity
  • Capable of 15-20 jobs in a day
  • Much larger hopper capacity-10+ bags

At PDQuipment, we have all types of insulation blowing machines, genuine brands such as Krendl, Accu1, and Cool Machines, suitable for all your insulation installation needs. Don’t worry about online security if you buy an insulation blowing machine online because we have secure and friendly payment options for online customers. Call us at 888-383-7274 or email us at [email protected] for more inquiries on insulation blowing machines and other construction equipment, or make an order from whichever location you are.