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How to Select the Right Pump for Your Fireproofing Business

How to Choose the Right Fireproofing Pump Size

You’re looking for a Fireproofing Pump Selection Guide because you know that it isn’t as simple as buying one pump for every job you are going to tackle. There are small, portable pumps and large, high-pressure pumps, each for certain jobs.

You need the pump that will make you the most productive and efficient. The return on your investment is directly related to how well you size the pump you buy.

Your Fireproofing Pump Selection Guide

How Specifications for a Job Aid in Choosing the Correct Pump

When you are studying how to choose the best-fireproofing pumps, you’ll need to consider the specifications of distance and height for a job. How far do the materials need to be pumped, and how high? What types of materials do you need?

Also, ask yourself whether these materials are difficult to use, as this can directly affect whether productivity requirements can meet bid specs as can the pump’s technology.

Sometimes, it will save you money to buy the pump that costs less. Other times, it will cost you more in the long run due to production issues. If your pump doesn’t reach the height and distance you need it to, you will be moving it and repeatedly setting up the equipment and wasting both resources and time, which together equal your money.

How to Match Your Fireproofing Materials with the Correct Pump

Some of the fireproofing materials on the market today are high-density needing a markedly powerful pump to spray them, whereas almost any pump will handle materials of medium and low densities without problems. Buy accordingly.

How to Choose the Right Size Generator for a Pump

It’s of vital importance that you consider power requirements as a factor in figuring operational costs. While fireproofing pumps usually work fine with an onsite power supply, under certain circumstances, they do not. For instance, with buildings that have more than one story, you may need to purchase a generator so your equipment and materials can reach the application site.

To select the right size generator, which is of vital importance if you are investing in one, you’ll need to know which generator you are considering or planning on purchasing. This is so you can make sure the generator can handle a pump of those specifications. Consider the power requirements for other equipment like lights and fans.

Why Consider Differences in Model Production Rates

Production rates, in a final analysis, will affect your profits, because they directly impact efficiency. So, ponder the differences between the production rates of the various models of pumps you are considering.

Don’t just consider the job at hand but what you foresee for the future of your fireproofing business. When considering how to choose the best-fireproofing pumps, buy a pump that will cover your needs for some time to come.

Where to Get Good Advice on Fireproofing Pumps

At PDQuipment, we have supplied fireproofing contractors with equipment, parts, tools, technical support, and more for more than 20 years. We even have rental and financing options.

Whether you’re new to fireproofing or just need help to choose a pump, we have an in-field technician you can consult with. Call 888-383-7274 or email us.