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Blowing equipment Buying guide

When it comes to the best online store for blowing equipment, there are many to choose from, but you will need to know and understand the proper information first before searching for blowing equipment online. You should know and understand what types of blowing equipment are available and the one you need to get the job done in the safest and best way possible before using the best online store for blowing equipment to make your purchase. If you have been searching for the proper blowing equipment, this buyer’s guide is for you.

What is a Blowing Machine?

First, let’s start with the basics and learn more about what exactly an insulation blowing machine is and what it is used for.

An insulation blowing machine is designed to help break up insulation materials that come all bundled together so that you can capture the insulation properly. It is located inside of a sealed chamber that is situated at the bottom of the hopper of your blowing equipment. The air pressure that is created by the blower or the compressor of the blowing equipment is what pushes, or blows, out the insulation from the chamber into a hose so that you can spray it directly into the area in which you want to insulate.

Type of Blowing Machines

Basically, there are two types of insulation blowing machines, including one that is electrically powered and one that is powered by a gasoline engine. Most professional companies that sell and install insulation use gas-powered machines since they offer more convenience than ones that you have to plug into an electrical outlet. Professional insulation installers can get the job done quicker and more efficiently with this type of machine. This is also true for companies that sell insulation blowing equipment because they also tout the gas-powered machines as being able to blow the insulation into the area you are working in much more quickly compared to electric-powered machines. However, gas-powered insulation blowing machines cost a considerably larger amount of money than their electric machine counterparts. Also, smaller electric machines normally come equipped with rotating metal that does a great job when it comes to blowing fiberglass, as long as the machine is in good condition.

The act of blowing fiberglass into an area often results in being more of a challenge for smaller electric-powered machines and the job can take a much longer amount of time to complete if the machine is not appropriately designed for fiberglass, specifically when the machine has not been properly repaired after it has broken. Then control switches on the blowing machinery will allow you to adjust the air pressure as well as the flow rate of the insulation as it blows out of the machine. You should normally start with a medium to high air pressure level but a lower delivery rate. You want a lower delivery rate because if the delivery rate is too fast, it could make the hose clog up and you should avoid that situation at every turn. On the other hand, if the delivery rate is too slow, it can take the cavity area a very long time to fill up with insulation and it may end up being packed too tightly. It also runs the possibility of making exterior or interior paneling bulge out from the insulation since it will be too much for the area. This will mean you need to adjust the pressure and the delivery rate so that you can fill the cavity quickly yet correctly without bulging the walls of the cavity or clogging the hose.


Fittings, Hoses,and Fill Tubes

While you can use graphite powder to keep blowing machines lubricated properly, be sure to purchase the proper hoses and fittings that are used to blow insulation to the machine that gives you the results you want. You will need the proper size fill tubes, hoses, and connections so that they will become airtight to keep the pressure in the machine from decreasing while you are working. You can even use a rubber or metal reducer to decrease the diameter of other hoes if need be.

Best Online Store for Blowing Equipment

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